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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Criminal Lawyer Baltimore Maryland

Criminal Defense Lawyer Baltimore, Maryland

Do you need a criminal lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland call attorney Randolph Rice, at 410-288-2900 for immediate legal help or click here to email him directly?
Baltimore Maryland Criminal Lawyer
G. Randolph Rice, Jr.

Have you been charged with a crime (misdemeanor or felony) in:
  • Baltimore County, Md.;
  • Baltimore City, Md.;
  • Harford County, Md.;
  • Howard County, Md.;
  • Anne Arundel County, Md.; or
  • Ocean City, Maryland.
You want to contact a lawyer that handles criminal law cases in Baltimore, Maryland.  Contact my office at 410-288-2900 to speak with attorney Randolph Rice.

Mr. Rice is a former Assistant State's Attorney in Maryland and a private attorney since 2009.  He has handled thousands of criminal law cases in and around Baltimore, Maryland.

Let his experience go to work for you in the court room.  If you have been charged with any of the following crimes in Maryland, call my office today to schedule a free consultation:

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Call the office today at 410-288-2900 if you have been charged with a crime or facing criminal charges in Baltimore, Maryland.