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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chief Johnson Concerned About Disturbances at Nightclub

Chief Johnson Concerned About Disturbances at Nightclub: "Baltimore County, Md. (July 7, 2011) - Baltimore County police are working with the owners of Club Baltimore, the White Marsh nightclub where a man was shot to death last weekend, to reduce the number of disturbances and noise complaints.

Police Chief James Johnson said that he is prepared to act against the club if conditions there do not improve.

'We hope that the owner of Club Baltimore will cooperate with Precinct 9's efforts to improve conditions there,' Johnson said, noting that the owner, Harjeet Singh Multani, has been cooperating with police. 'But we are looking at taking action against the club if that does not happen.'

Over the past year and a half, police have documented eight noise complaints and three fights at Club Baltimore."  Click the link above to read more of the press release.