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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bail Review Hearing in Baltimore County Maryland Towson District Court

Q: Do you need a lawyer for a Bail Review hearing in Baltimore County Maryland Towson District Court?

We can help.  The Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, handles bail review hearings in Baltimore County Towson District Court on a regular basis.  We have an office right across the street where we can meet clients before and after the bail review hearing.  We can present the best possible argument for release or lower bail for criminal defendants incarcerated on recent charges.
Bail Review Hearing Lawyers
In Baltimore County, MD

Contact the office 24/7 at 410.288.2900 of email us to schedule a free consultation regarding a Bail Review hearing in Baltimore County District Court in Towson, MD.

Bail Review Judges consider two main factors when deciding the amount to set a defendant's bail; 1) flight risk, and 2) danger to society.   Maryland law provides that the Judge must consider the facts of the case as true in determining the bail amount.  A bail review hearing is not the time or place to argue the facts of the case, however, my office has been successful in arguing that the facts of a case do not warrant the original bail amount.

We can present a powerful argument for a defendant to be released or set a reasonable bail in criminal matters in Baltimore County.   Criminal Lawyers in Towson Maryland that can assist in bail review hearings.

Call us now and speak with an experienced and trusted Bail Review Lawyer in Towson Maryland.  410.288.2900, Available 24/7 to answer your bail review questions.

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